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Dr. Jane Wallace is on a collision course with the murderer.  DYING FOR REVENGE, the first in the Lady Doc Murders,  is a  tense and engaging medical thriller set in Telluride, Colorado, home to some of the most beautiful scenery on the Western Slope.  And some of the most interesting people.

Someone is killing the rich and famous residents of Telluride Colorado, and the medical examiner, Jane Wallace, shares the motive of revenge with the murderer.  Mourning the loss of her beloved husband, Jane retreats to the luxurious mountain resort where she discovers a pattern of murders buried under a history of accidents. Motivated by her grief, Jane is compelled to confront her own obsession with revenge before she can stop the vengeance all around her. She is a powerful and principled and woman of faith consumed by profound loss and injustice, who will risk her own life to protect others, even as she exacts a high price from those who have destroyed her world.  In the great tradition of murder mysteries, this is a story of love, loss, revenge and forgiveness, seen through the eyes of a passionate, beautiful woman trying to live out her life – imperfectly but vibrantly – even if she won’t survive.


About the Author

Barbara Golder was a late literary bloomer.  Although she’s always loved books (and rivals Jane in the 3-deep-on-the-shelf sweepstakes), her paying career gravitated to  medicine and law.  She has served as a hospital pathologist, forensic pathologist, and laboratory director.  Her work in forensic pathology prompted her to get a law degree, which she put to good use as a malpractice attorney and in a boutique practice of medical law, which allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom when her children were young.  She has also tried her hand at medical politics, serving as an officer in her state medical association; lobbying at a state and national level on medical issues, writing and lecturing for hire, including a memorable gig teaching nutritionists about the joys of chocolate for 8 straight hours, teaching middle and high school science, and, most recently, working for a large disability insurance company from which she is now retired.

Her writing career began when she authored a handbook of forensic medicine for the local medical examiner office in 1984.  Over the years she wrote extensively on law and  medicine and lectured on medicolegal topics.  On a lark, she entered a contest sponsored by the Telluride Times Journal and ended up with a regular humor column that memorialized the vagaries of second-home living on the Western Slope.

She currently lives in Tennessee with two dogs, two cats and her husband of 41+ years.

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