The Lady Doc Murders Series

Dying For Revenge

The Lady Doc Murders Book 1


Someone is killing the rich and famous residents of Telluride, Colorado, and the medical investigator, Dr. Jane Wallace, is on a collision course with the murderer. Compelled by profound loss and injustice, Jane will risk her own life to protect others from vengeful death, even as she exacts a high price from those who have destroyed her world. Dying for Revenge is a story of love, obsession and forgiveness, seen through the eyes of a passionate, beautiful woman trying to live her life — imperfectly but vibrantly — even if she won’t survive.

Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2017 Christian Fiction; Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Barbara Golder joins the ranks of Chesterton’s bloodthirsty heirs as she spins a tale that will delight mystery fans. With Dying for Revenge in hand, your beach experience is now complete!

Mark P. Shea, Author of Mercy Works

Dying for Revenge dives into the deeply personal place in so many hearts with “justifiable” reasons for revenge… but the face of mercy is entwined in the unexpected turn of events. You’ll be captivated…”

Patricia M. Chivers
Catholic Church of Saint Monica

I know it sounds cliché, but I honestly couldn’t put this down. It isn’t just who-dun-it, but it’s the story of the power of understanding in a world that’s afraid of self-knowledge.

Joan Watson – Director of Adult Formation, Diocese of Nashville

Dying for Compassion

The Lady Doc Murders Book 2


Just as Telluride Medical Examiner Jane Wallace and Irish writer Eoin Conner take their first steps toward romance, Eoin’s beautiful wife Fiona arrives to resume her long-abandoned life with Eoin Connor.

After discovering Fiona has thwarted an annulment, Eoin returns to Ireland to find the proof to free him to marry Jane. After Fiona is found dead in her hotel room, he is indicted for her murder. Unwilling to leave the matter solely in the hands of Irish authorities, Jane follows to pursue the evidence wherever it leads. She leaves behind a tangle of problems in Telluride, where it is left to her trusted friend Father Matt to unravel the mysteries at home, unaware that they hold the key to Jane’s mystery abroad.


It is rare indeed to find an author who not only tells a good story but writes with real literary flair. Barbara Golder is such an author. In this latest offering, we find the plot twists and twisted characters that one would expect in a good murder mystery but also the fine character development and deep insight into the human condition which separates the truly great mysteries from the run of the mill.

Joseph Pearce, Author of The Quest for Shakespeare, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, and Tolkien: Man & Myth

“A murder mystery by an author whose mysteries include enough character development to satisfy readers like me who usually avoid that genre (and very little gore, especially considering the main character’s profession as the local coroner). Dying for Compassion puts a human face on the euthanasia debate and how it plays out in cases involving children and adults. “ Barb Szyszkiewicz, member of the Catholic Writers Guild

“I rarely read fiction but this was an excellent exception. The story is masterful! Knowing that the author Barbara Golder actually was a medical examiner and lawyer in her pre-retirement life, explains how she can weave a tale understanding the complexities of such issues. It does not, however, explain the level of talent she has in the writing field. Very impressive! I highly recommend this book–action, suspense, and real-life issues treated respectfully but cloaked in morality. Now I’m going back to read the first book in this series.” Patti Armstrong, Catholic Blogger