Vaccine Exemptions, Conscience, and the Church

The Archdiocese of New York has issued instructions to its priests “not to grant religious exemptions”  for Covid vaccine.  The wording of this puzzles me, because, except for those under its direct control, vaccine exemptions are issued by employers, schools…

Communion and Controversy

Some Bishops seem to be facing a rebellion of sorts because they have decided no communion on the tongue for a while. I think those Bishops made a good (but not the only possible) call. We are in the midst…

Accompaniment in RCIA

Learning how to walk the journey into the Church is essential for those working in RCIA.  Read ny thoughts on the process here at Angelus News

A Letter to Neophytes

Entering the Church at Easter is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. My advice to new Catholics can be found here at Angelus News.

Pilgrimage to Chimayo

Just a few miles outside Santa Fe is the Santuario of Chimayo, the Lourdes of America, and one of the more interesting pilgrimage sites in the Unites States. It hosts about 300,000 visitors a year, about 10% of them during…

Lenten Penances from the Confessional

  Most of the advice at this time of the year is focused on “give something up, take something on.” That’s a good plan, but some creative priests in my life have suggested practices that have reshaped Lent for me….

5 Lessons In The Spiritual Life From Corporate America

“I found that learning to be an effective manager helped me grow as a Catholic and live my faith more fully, inside and outside of the office. It seems the Holy Spirit can get his point across in a variety…

Frozen Babies

When we lose sight of human dignity some strange things happen.  Understanding what’s wrong with freezing embryos means examining the process from the perspective of the embryo.  Read more here at Angelus News

Pain Capable Children and Human Dignity

The recent vote on the Pain Capable Children Protection Act reveals a deep division in how we will treat the most vulnerable among us.  Read my analysis here at Angelus News.