Keeping the Christmas Feasts

The time after Christmas offers a mini-Catechesis on the life of faith.  Read more here at Angelus News.

Five Things Every Catholic Should Know About Stem Cell Research

One question: if other stem cell lines that are not morally objectionable have proved fruitful for research, why do scientists insist on pursuing embryonic stem cell research?  My latest at Angelus News explores the moral issues associated with stem cell…

Keeping a Catholic Advent

Advent too often gets lost in the Christmas hustle.  Read more here at Angelus News about how to keep that from happening.

Communon in Other Churches

Find the answer to a common question–may I receive communion in other churches?– here at Angelus News     

The Rosary and RCIA

Support those on the journey to the Church by your prayers.  Read more here at Angelus News.