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If you’d like to ask Barbara to speak at your next event or facilitate a retreat, send an email to her at ladydoclawyer@gmail.com. Include details of the event (place, date, time, estimated audience) and the topic you would like her to address. Check out her list of suggested topics below, or feel free to propose your own.

The intersection of law, medicine, bioethics and the Catholic faith provides a fertile field for conversations on a variety of topics.  Please contact Dr. Golder for a current list of additional prepared presentations. If you don’t see a topic below that suits your needs, feel free to propose one that does.

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Bioethics/Healthcare in Catholic Life:

Most requested:  What Catholics Must Know About Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Recent legislation have made it clear that legally sanctioned physician assisted suicide and legalized euthanasia are the newest front in the struggle with the Culture of Death.  Early Christian life provides a model for Catholics to lead society to a world where euthanasia may not be illegal, but it is unthinkable– a change that comes only through powerful witness, one person at a time.  This talk will explore the legal climate that has made assisted suicide possible as well as the cultural changes that have made it desirable to so many and the steps we can take as Catholic to change both.

Personal Bioethics

Bioethical concerns are multiplying rapidly and relatively few of them are have clear, black and white answers. The role of the bioethicist is to prove the framework of principles, often many and sometimes seemingly in conflict, and help discern relevant facts so that patients and families can make an informed, prudential decision about health care.

Law and the Faith: Threats to Religious Freedom

Increasingly, American culture presents a threat to long accepted principles that foster religious freedom.  This presentation reviews the legal basis for religious freedom in America, reviews some of the more recent cases that have threatened free exercise of faith and outlines actions that we can take to protect our right to live out our Catholic faith in the public square.

Additional Topics: Understanding bioethical principles is increasingly important in daily life, from managing end of life decisions to deciding what emerging medical treatments are consistent with Catholic thought. Presentations include physician assisted suicide/euthanasia, end of life care as a Catholic, what to know to make health care decisions as a Catholic, cooperation with evil and medical treatments, developing a consistent ethic of life, and social justice aspects of medical care and treatment decisions.