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If you’d like to ask Barbara to speak at your next event or facilitate a retreat, send an email to her at ladydoclawyer@gmail.com. Include details of the event (place, date, time, estimated audience) and the topic you would like her to address. Check out her list of suggested topics below, or feel free to propose your own.

The intersection of law, medicine, bioethics and the Catholic faith provides a fertile field for conversations on a variety of topics.  Please contact Dr. Golder for a current list of additional prepared presentations. If you don’t see a topic below that suits your needs, feel free to propose one that does.

If your book club is reading any of the Lady Doc mysteries, contact Dr. Golder about joining you via Skype for a discussion.

Bioethics/Healthcare in Catholic Life:

Most requested:  What Catholics Must Know About Assisted Suicide

Recent legal decisions have made it clear that legally sanctioned physician assisted suicide is the newest front in the struggle with the Culture of Death.  Early Christian life provides a model for Catholics to lead society to a world where euthanasia may not be illegal, but it is unthinkable– a change that comes only through powerful witness, one person at a time.  This talk will explore the legal climate that has made assisted suicide possible as well as the cultural changes that have made it desirable to so many and the steps we can take as Catholic to change both.

Additional Topics: Understanding bioethical principles is increasingly important in daily life, from managing end of life decisions to deciding what emerging medical treatments are consistent with Catholic thought. Presentations include physician assisted suicide/euthanasia, end of life care as a Catholic, what to know to make health care decisions as a Catholic, developing a consistent ethic of life, and social justice aspects of medical care and treatment decisions.

Law and the Faith:

Most Requested: Threats to Religious Freedom

Increasingly, American culture presents a threat to long accepted principles that foster religious freedom.  This presentation reviews the legal basis for religious freedom in America, reviews some of the more recent cases that have threatened free exercise of faith and outlines actions that we can take to protect our right to live out our Catholic faith in the public square.

Additional Topics: Catholics must understand the ways in which they can respond to a legal environment increasingly hostile to a Catholic faith lived out in the public square. Presentations include an overview of the legal protections for religious freedom, discussion of the ways Catholic thought can protect the conscience of the individual, and a review of recent cases involving religious freedom and their implications.

The Catholic Imagination:

Most Requested: Seeing the “Catholic” in Everyday Life–and “Stealth” Evangelization

The Catholic way of viewing life–and faith–is incarnational: God communicating to His people through the material world.  As a result, Catholics see and celebrate God in the most mundane circumstances.  When Catholics recognize this gift and learn to anticipate God in everyday circumstances, new opportunities for spiritual growth, relationship, and evangelization open up.

Additional Topics: The way Catholics see the world—the Catholic Imagination—provides a much needed antidote to the Culture of Death and can be used not only as a tool for personal devotion but as a technique of “stealth evangelization.” Presentations include an overview of the Catholic imagination, church architecture as catechesis, storytelling as evangelization, Catholic literature, and imagining the parables of Christ.

The Spirituality of Catholic Women:

Most Requested:What Jane Wallace Can Teach You About Faith

Medical examiner/lawyer and Catholic, Jane Wallace, star of the Lady Doc series, is quite a weapon in “stealth evangelization.” Enjoy the stories of her struggles with her remarkable career, her faith and her family as she copes with revenge, mercy, forgiveness, community and the dignity of every human life and come to a new appreciation of how living out the Catholic faith—even imperfectly–can have an extraordinary effect on your own faith and that of others.

Additional Topics: Presentations include intentional life as a Catholic, living as a modern day Martha, family traditions, 100 daily blessings, passing on the faith, and telling the story of faith in daily life.

Every Catholic an Apostle:

Most requested: What a Fortune 500 Company Taught me About Evangelism

Spending eight years as a middle manager in a Fortune 500 Company was an adventure for someone who had never been exposed to the rigors of corporate life.  The experience provided both uncomfortable conflict and the opportunity for Catholic witness. The presentation explores how business life and personal life can integrate, not just conflict—and the surprising way that some business principles can enhance everyday Catholic life.

Additional Topics: Being Catholic means being an apostle, all day, every day; that means an awareness of the apostolate we are given in every day life. Presentations include understanding the everyday apostolate, spiritual lessons from the workplace, and what Jane Wallace (the protagonist of the Lady Doc series) teaches about living the faith.

Conversion Story: This Tremendous, Patient Lover

Dr. Golder’s journey into the Catholic faith took 55 years and several interesting turns from her Methodist roots through the Jewish faith and into the Episcopal Church before coming home to Rome. She describes it as the wooing of a tremendous, patient Lover.

Art and Spirituality:

Most Requested: Sermons in Stone: Learning to Hear What Art and Architecture Have to Say

The story of salvation can be read in the very structure of a Catholic church if one is familiar with the language of buildings. This presentation draws from historic and contemporary architecture to enhance understanding of how Catholics worship, not just with their whole bodies, but even by the structures they build. The presentation focuses not only on traditional forms of Catholic architecture, but also learning to “read” the new ways in which artists and architects translate the Catholic faith into buildings and art.

Additional Topics: Catholic faith and spirituality have always been enhanced by the arts. Presentations include explorations of Catholic jewelry though the years, rosaries and chaplets, and photography as a tool for meditation.