Frozen Babies

When we lose sight of human dignity some strange things happen.  Understanding what’s wrong with freezing embryos means examining the process from the perspective of the embryo.  Read more here at Angelus News

Pain Capable Children and Human Dignity

The recent vote on the Pain Capable Children Protection Act reveals a deep division in how we will treat the most vulnerable among us.  Read my analysis here at Angelus News.

A Catholic View of Gene Editing

Before we can discuss to what extent gene editing is moral, we need to address the morality of experiments that develop the process.  Read more here at Angelus News.

Charlie Gard and Respirators

The decision about end of life care is intensely personal.  The Catechism provides assistance that some commentators in Charlie Gard case missed.  Here’s my column at Angelus News on the topic.

Commercials, Fake News and Charlie Gard

A popular insurance commercial irks me. A woman tells of the accident in which her new car is totaled. “No one is hurt, “she tells us, “but there will still be pain.” Turns out she didn’t buy new car replacement…